Due to its valiant actions over the years including 1947-48 operations in J&K, the Regt was amalgamated en-block into Indian Army on 15 Jan 1957 without any dilution in rank structure and came to be known as Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment. In Feb 1963 the Regt was re designated as Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regt. The Regt has now 19 battalions strong and is also providing the rank and file to 4 RR Bns and 3 TA Bns. The Regt boasts 02 Param Vir Chakras and 02 Ashok Chakras. At present the JAk RRC is headed/ Commanded by Brig K.P.S.Rana V.S.M.

The PAO(ORS) JAK Rifles

The Pay Accounts Office for other Ranks i.e PBORs was established a Jabalpur after move of the Regt from Gwalior(Morar) to Jabalpur in the year 1975. The office started its functioning with *Accounts Officer In-Charge. Prior to 1995 this office was under the audit jurisdiction of the CDA(Ors) Central Command Nagpur.

Present Location and Work Status of the PAO(Ors) JAK Rifles

Presently the PAO(ORs) JAK RRC is functioning in the barracks of JAK RRC premises and shortly it is to be transferred in its new office building being constructed at the main gate of JAk RRC i.e Modiwada Road, Cantt. Jabalpur. The office is working as a sub office of the CDA Jabalpur. At present the office is being run under able supervision of Sh. R.S.Pol,IDAS, Asst. CDA. This office is committed to render efficient correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

The office is situated at the distance of about 7 kms form Jabalpur Junction Railway station. Passing the way from war memorial (constructed in the memories of martyrs of 1971 war.), Tagore garden and Shivajee play ground.

Present Location and Work Status of the PAO(Ors) JAK Rifles

Officers Staff Total no of IRLAs:24568 Unit dealt
Account officer -02
Asst Accounts Officers/SOs(A)- 14
Senior Auditor/Auditors-40
Record Clerk-01
Out of these 2521 IRLAs are maintained manually and 22047 are computerized. 1 JAK Rif to 20 JAK Rif excluding 16 JAK NCC units ,Rashtriya Rifels Units, Task Force Units and centre of JAK RRC.
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